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Matt Waples: Polymorphic Phenomenon

A Parallel Planets piece by Nicole Lane

Parallel Planets presents Matt Waples
in a Polymorphic Phenomenon
Story by Nicole Lane

Mentioned: field study, androgyny, and for the love of science

* * *

Fig. N° I-VII is an organic study of a polymorphic species (ex. the human body in conjunction with an ambiguous or abstracted representation). This photographic project not only includes full sized images, but it also includes text based documents and field documentation which is introduced to the viewer as smaller sized polaroids. The creator of this series is Matt Waples, a young artist currently studying and living in Toronto.

The artist statement which belongs to this collection of work states that “these are living beings; they have bone structures, vital organs, and a brain.” This sentence grants the viewer a chance to investigate the 20x24 C-prints as they imagine what the remainder of the selected organ occupies. Is the head disproportional to the body? Do the figures limbs stretch out beyond the canvas, creating an awkward stance as they curve and contort their body in everyday motions? More importantly, are their feet flat or arched?

Matt has only shared a fraction of the larger picture, therefore dehumanizing his subject as he selectively displays a body form which is androgynous and corporal in appearance.

This scientific based series doesn't end with full-sized prints. Matt also utilizes excerpts of Vesalius’ “De Humani Corporis Fabrica” (On the Fabric of the Human Body) for his bodily figures. Hosting color prints, polaroids, and black and white copies, Matt creates a complete study of the differences and similarities attached to each form and figure.

Matt Waples’ portfolio is filled with Fuji 100C images, which is an instant color film. His instant photographs are abstract. They further delve into color field studies and patterns created with light. His experimental projects are minimalistic and sleek, inviting the viewer for a closer glimpse into his practice.

More from Matt Waples: Website, Blog, Behance

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